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Apartment Fasan


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Located in the city park’s center, beneath Vienna’s best known gourmet restaurant, the Steirereck, on level with the Vienna river. The Milchbar (Meierei) is a young and stylish place, sporting its design in green and white. Great menus for moderate prices and, as the name suggests, a great variety of dairy and cheese specialties. In case you cannot eat all of the cheese platter, just take it with you. The staff is happily providing you with the most gorgeous doggy packs. A tip for your afternoon: Punctually and fresh out of the oven there’s the famous Viennese apple strudel at 1 p.m. and Austrian cream cheese strudel at 2. Large terrace.
1010, Am Heumarkt 2a; Tel: 713 3168; www.steirereck.at/wien/meierei

Österreicher im MAK

High-class Viennese cuisine in a contemporary context, that’s the motto of Restaurant Österreicher, located in Vienna’s Museum of Applied and Contemporary Arts. This not only comprises the menu of Viennese classics and new and light variations of them. The restaurant itself represents a highlight in reduced and clean style and architectural design. See the beautiful glass pavillion in the garden and at lunch time you should try the MAK daily dish. Gives you a traditional Viennese dish and is very popular with the offices and students of applied arts from nearby.
1010, Stubenring 5; Tel: 714 0121; www.oesterreicherimmak.at

Pan e giardin

A petite italian restaurant, with a great garden, white sails and high class Italian cuisine, truffles are their specialty. Fabulous for summer lunches beneath white sails. Reservations urgently recommended because there are only a few tables.
1030 Wien, Strohgasse vis a vis Nr 16, Tel: 710 38 70; www.panewien.at/giardin/index.html


If you want to give the world-renowned Viennese beef specialties a try, Plachutta is the place to go. Order “Tafelspitz” and you’ll get a beef stock with Fritatten (savoury and traditionally Viennese) followed by the famous Tafelspitz with all the trimmings. Open daily from 11 a.m. to midnight.
Reservations are highly recommended. Outdoor garden.
1010, Wollzeile 38; Tel: 512 1577; www.plachutta.at


A popular inn with an outstanding selection of wines and sparkling wines. Not your everyday variety of traditional Viennese cuisine, every now and then they offer special wine-menus. Very cosy atmosphere with dark wood and white table cloths. Very few tourists, popular with locals. Closed on weekends.
1030, Ungargasse 63; Tel: 713 17 81; www.gasthaus-seidl.at